HealthCombix, Ltd. Doing Business as Nurse Coin
HealthCombix, Ltd. is Domiciled in Belize #172059


Our Token Helps Solve Serious Problems

Rising Healthcare Fraud
A global digital nursing community and identity network can help reduce the $500 billion global annual fraud challenge.

Rising Middlemen Costs
Staffing and credentialing firms cost the nursing industry over $12 billion per annum and growing rapidly.
Rising Chronic Illness 
Smart healthcare contracts and AI disease manager help reduce costs associated with care management.

Innovative Capabilities

A smart contract-based care management system and DAO to reduce overhead and improve operating efficiencies.
Care Protocols
Incentive Token
A token-based community incentive system for value-based healthcare, network effect, and operating efficiencies.
Nurse Identity & Discovery
A blockchain-based identity wallet and discovery platform to reduce the cost associated with finding and onboarding nurses.
Self-Sovereign Data
You are in control of your medical and behavioral data.
Virtual Care Marketplace
Virtual care marketplace for on-demand services, data assurance, and witnessing.
AI Recommendation Engine
Personal disease management assistant for pathway advice.

Proven Healthcare Blockchain Expertise

Nurse Coin ICO Has Ended

Market Snapshot

"In the United States, by 2060, there will be about 98 million older persons, more than twice their number in 2014.  Today, nearly half of Americans suffer from at least one chronic illness." Rand Corp
"In China, by 2050, the number of Chinese senior citizens will equal Europe’s entire population and outstrip Americans of all ages. As China’s population ages and society modernizes, the occurrence of chronic illness will continue to rise to historic proportions." American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research
A Milken Institute analysis determined that treatment of the seven most common chronic diseases, coupled with productivity losses, will cost the U.S. economy more than $1 trillion dollars annually." Milken Insitute

Our Team

Former Chief Nursing Executive at Philips Healthcare.
Harvard University
Elaine Comeau, RN, MS


Cyrus Maaghul, MS

Product Strategy

Blockchain Entrepreneur. Former Blockchain Director at Fidelity Investments. Two successful startups.
Stony Brook University
Andreas Freund, PhD


Blockchain Strategist at ConsenSys

and former blockchain lead at Tata Group. Penn State University

Jason Ma, MS


  Expert in C++  software engineering, architecture design, and systems coding.
Tsing Hua University
Annax Thongsami, BE

Mobile/C++  Developer

  Expert in C++  software engineering iOS, Android, and embedded devices.  
National University of Laos
Mitchel Schwindt, MD   Advisor
Board Certified Physician
Clinical Advisor
Michigan State University
Asefeh Faraz, PhD, FNP


Nurse Practitioner
Clinical Advisor
Yale University
Roni Fox, FNP


Nurse Practitioner
University of Arizona
Dana Knight, RN


Registered Nurse
Charge Nurse
Cal State University - Long Beach

Nurse Coin Development Roadmap


Frequently Asked Questions

1. Was there a Pre-Sale?  Are the team tokens locked up? Where is the team located?
There was no pre-sale.  The tokens are only being sold during the ICO. The team tokens are locked up for 18 months.  All tokens in the ICO that do not sell will be burned.
3. Why have you decided to focus on nursing and chronic care? 
Populations around the globe are aging. Chronic illness will rise. Hybrid machine-human services are needed. Nurses will provide a broad range of traditional and novel services in the future.
4. What problem will you initially focus on?
We will initially focus on developing an open cross-border digital identity system for nurses including credentialing, staffing, and verification services.  This will help us grow the community and reduce the cost of onboarding nurses which is upwards of $12 Billion per annum.
5. What is your AI recommendation engine?
Nurses and other providers of chronic care services will be equipped with a personal assistant app to help provision evidence-based care and minimize network friction and costs.
Nurse Coin 

Ecosystem Research Partners and Technology

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Terablock Capital
Finance & Tech
Birmingham City University
Muhammad Ali


White PaperICO DetailsDAO
Alex Danzberger


Entrepreneur & Investor
Allegheny College
Nursecoin ICO has Ended

Our Social Channels

2. How are and Nurse Coin related? 
The Nurse Coin concept was incubated at Nurse Coin is now a standalone project and works closely with PointNurse's 800+ provider network.
Rising Data Demand
 Crowdsourced nurses collect unique data sets not currently available for machine learning based disease management capabilities.
ML Data Crowdsourcing
Ilias Alexopolous


Llyods Banking Group
Mobile Development
Columbia University

Company Information

Michael Mann


CCO at Sagely
George Washington Unversity